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The Zen of Agile – Personal Philosophies for Practical Agile Adoption

by Derek Lynch, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   I’ve somehow managed to eke out a career staggering through the murky world between data science and business analysis. My 25 years of gainful employment (other than a brief but glorious stint as a directory enquiries call centre operator in my early twenties) has involved data analysis […]

Soft Skills Pay the Bills

 by Gareth Jones, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Practice Manager   At a recent IIBA Professional Day event, a former colleague and respected business analyst and I were talking about the various topics to be presented. Some of his colleagues were only interested in the sessions that catered for the more tangible BA activities, i.e. data […]

The Gentle Art of Facilitation

by Gareth Jones, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   Having been a BA for well over 10 years now, and having facilitated session in various situations, I feel that one of my strengths is facilitation. Whether this be workshops, training sessions, interviews, ‘negotiations’, I feel accomplished in most if not all of these facets. As […]

Linking Process and Data

by Vivek  Venkatraman, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   I would like to discuss the importance of understanding the link between process and data while performing business analysis. Process and data are the fundamental elements of any business. It is critical to understand how they are linked to understand the product or service delivery because […]

How do you become a Business Analyst?

by Justin Balina, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant A couple of my colleagues have asked me this question and I couldn’t really give them a concrete answer. Later that day, I had time to reflect on the question – how does a person actually become a Business Analyst? Unlike teachers, doctors or architects, there isn’t […]

Bridging the Gap Between IT & OT Security

by Henry Elisher, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   Many industrial organisations still view IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) security as unique issues to be addressed in isolation. Even though IT & OT environments are foundationally and functionally different, the need for convergence between the two in the new world of increased and […]

Building Cyber Resilience – The New Challenge For Business Leaders

by Henry Elisher, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   Cyber threats can and will affect all industries. The most current wave of digital transformation to hit the global economy has brought to us the IOT, (Internet of Things), which means now that nearly all organisations operate in a digitally interconnected ecosystem.  Cyber security can therefore no […]

Confessions of an Agile convert

by Nikesh Parbhoo, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant       Confessions of an Agile convert Having to work in an agile environment for the first time can be a daunting challenge, particularly if you’ve done work in waterfall environments for most of your career. Agile is being adopted to a greater degree in IT […]

‘A Typical Day with AI’

by Esther Herzog, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   The purpose of this blog is to observe how AI is currently able to assist our everyday activities from sunrise to sundown. AI should be augmenting the tasks and activities we already complete in our everyday lives, rather than creating completely different ways of completing simple […]

Relative Estimation: A Simple Yet Effective Method of Estimation.

by Shanil Wiratunga, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   Many moons ago as a young techy I spent numerous hours and days with my teammates, working in laborious estimation sessions, trying to arrive at the most accurate estimate to develop features of a Software solution. From here we created Gantt charts and plans so detailed […]