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Cyber Security

by Henry Elisher, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   What is the cyber security threat? The internet is where we all now conduct our business. Electronic systems and digital information are essential for businesses to conduct a whole range of their day to day activities. The increased nature of connectivity also brings greater exposure to […]

How To Best Leverage Robotic Process Automation

by Abe Magalong, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   In an increasingly competitive environment where businesses are changing their internal operations to engage faster and become more personalised to their customers how can the introduction of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) assist this and what exactly is it? Robotic Process Automation is fast becoming an interesting […]

BAs’ in the World of Data Governance

by Rob Miles, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   Advancements in technology and reductions in bandwidth and storage costs mean that organisations now have the ability to capture and store large quantities of data on all sorts of processes, behaviours and systems. However, as an organisation’s data assets grow it has led to an interesting […]

Product Roadmap – A Script For Success

by Sunil Powle, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   It was close to 4pm and George was staring at his third PowerPoint slide for more than an hour, adding and deleting content several times. He felt as if he had no more power left to make a point. George had been leading a lean product […]

Why I Work at Business Analysts Pty Ltd (BAPL)

by Patrick Leaupepe, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   A couple of weeks ago on a camping trip with some mates, we were sitting around a camp fire and one of the boys asked me “Why do you work for Business Analysts Pty Ltd (BAPL)?”  This question completely caught me off guard, because what separates […]

The T-Shape of You

by Henry Elisher, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   Why you should cross your T’s first   Over the past decade there has been a plethora of research done which has emphasised the idea that for professionals to grow, thrive and excel in their respective environments they needed to possess both a deep disciplinary knowledge […]

Analyse like a Boss

by Tanya Harlow, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant Article 1 – Define Your Own Business Idea As Business Analysts we tend to find ourselves working as consultants, contractors or permanent inhouse domain experts on enabling new opportunities or solving problems for medium to large businesses. Have you ever thought of using your awesome array of […]

Business Analysis is a Product Owner’s Best Friend

by Sohail Chatha, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   A week back, I had a very wonderful corporate lunch with work colleagues. For my dish, I needed a fair bit of customisation. The waiter took all the details patiently even though some may have seemed rather quirky even by my own standards. After a 20 […]

Applying Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design to Support Good Business Analysis by Mike Starrs, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant (Phase 3: Prototype and Build)

As we move into the final two phases of using Design Thinking for good Business analysis, let’s do a quick recap of what’s been covered so far.  In Phase 1 we discovered the current state through the Inspiration phase of Human Centred Design, using a range of planning techniques from BABOK® and design-based techniques to […]