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Have you hired a BA or an SME?

Working for a business analysis consulting company I often come across clients who are looking for BAs with specific industry or solution knowledge. Whether it be Superannuation, Insurance, or software specific such as a certain type of CRM. Each time a filter is applied in the search for the ‘right’ BA, the search results decrease. […]

The Paradox of Choice and the Pareto Principle by Henry Elisher

  Voltaire, a French writer, essayist and philosopher is well known for the saying that ‘[the] perfect is the enemy of [the] good’, meaning that, if you wait to be perfect or wait to achieve perfection then you’ll never get anything done, whilst achieving that which is good, or indeed, very good, is something of […]

Applying Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design to Support Good Business Analysis by Mike Starrs, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant (Phase 2: Refine through Ideation)

Phase 2: Refine through Ideation Now that we have defined our current state, it’s time to validate and refine it and start thinking about the future state.  This is where we elicit and prioritise requirements, and finalise our scope.  We want to be sure what we’re doing is desirable, viable and feasible, and that we […]

Applying Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design to Support Good Business Analysis by Mike Starrs business analysis consultant

The role of a Business Analyst is broad, but typically it comes down to understanding business needs, value & requirements and assisting business to make informed decisions.  These needs are often muddied by a multitude of internal and external factors.  In the end though, the goal is achieving organisational success.  As all organisations exist to […]

The “must-have” for Product Owners – Impact Mapping

Product Owners are supposed to be the informed leader who is able to provide direction to the development team on the expectations of the product.  As more organisations look to adopt an adaptive/agile approach to project delivery, one of the big issues faced lies with the Product Owner. Unfortunately, in increasingly common cases, the criteria […]

The Agile PMO by Liza Laya business analysis consultant

A modern and innovative breed of systems delivery has gained significant momentum over the past one and a half decades, one that emphasises the ability to adapt to changing requirements, engage customer collaboration, and deliver a working software early and often.  Agile was slow to start but quick to dominate, with most growth occurring in […]

User Story Mapping by Abe Magalong business analysis consultant

User Stories and User Story Mapping are must have techniques of a business analyst. You can do business analysis without Scrum, but you can’t do good Scrum without Business Analysis.  Story mapping enables clarity of user stories.  Story Mapping “Story mapping is the process of arranging user stories into a useful model to help understand the […]