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Gap in the market

Winston Churchill said “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” and by that mark many of us can give ourselves a pat on the back. Unfortunately your chief executive may not see it that way. So many organisations that I see have a pit of poorly performing systems. The users […]

Analyse for Success

There is no doubt that developments in technology is presenting huge opportunities for organisations. Who wouldn’t want a driverless car (except taxi drivers) or an intelligent machine that could do everything from improving medical diagnosis to translating languages? But at the same time, the press is full of stories about IT disasters – from Queensland […]

Driving Innovation

The key to any organisation driving innovation is knowing the organisation, understanding key strengths, weaknesses, competitors, customer satisfaction and ultimately values of the organisation. Business process modeling is the best technique to illuminate the true value of an organisation. We hear often about Business Process Management (BPM), however the danger is these initiatives forget about […]