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Access Requests and Entitlements

by Martin Klein, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant When my youngest daughter Tams turned 18, she was ready to hit the clubs in the city. This had been a long time coming and she wasn’t going to miss what had become a rite of passage when the opportunity presented itself. On the night of her […]

Identity Lifecycle Management

by Martin Klein, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   “At Facebook, we build tools to help people connect with the people they want and share what they want, and by doing this we are extending people’s capacity to build and maintain relationships.” Mark Zuckerberg In the first part of this series we talked about how […]

Registering a New Account

by Martin Klein, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant Recently my partner’s daughter (Lucy) said she had an invitation to a gender reveal party. Unfortunately, I come from a day long gone when gender reveal parties didn’t actually occur. Instead it was a surprise when the baby was born, and we took what came enjoying or […]

Introduction to the IAM Processes

by Martin Klein, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   There seems to be a lot of attention on Identity information and in particular identity theft recently. With the increasing rate of data breaches targeting Personal Identity Information (PII), more of us risk losing our identity in the digital age than we ever have before. The […]

CRM and Scrum

by Himanshu Bhasin, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   The transition to Agile for Dynamics 365 or CRM methods is revolutionising enterprise software projects. Agile projects offer faster deployments, reduced costs, higher quality, more satisfied users and stakeholders, and more fun for the project teams involved compared to traditional, waterfall methods. But how would one […]

Navigating the Amusement Park

by Abraham Magalong, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant Working as a BAPL Business Analyst Consultant is both character building and rewarding. I liken it to episode thirteen of season four of The Simpsons, named Selma’s Choice. Our profession of business analysis can sometimes be difficult. However, BAPL makes it easier by helping Consultants navigate the Duff […]

Habits of a Successful Digital Business Analyst

by Sohail Chatha, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, we can see that the product and services are transforming rapidly. The speed, breadth and depth of this revolution are forcing enterprises to rethink how products develop and how organisations create value. Sensing the need, many organisations are moving to adopt the […]

The Zen of Agile – Personal Philosophies for Practical Agile Adoption

by Derek Lynch, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   I’ve somehow managed to eke out a career staggering through the murky world between data science and business analysis. My 25 years of gainful employment (other than a brief but glorious stint as a directory enquiries call centre operator in my early twenties) has involved data analysis […]

Soft Skills Pay the Bills

 by Gareth Jones, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Practice Manager   At a recent IIBA Professional Day event, a former colleague and respected business analyst and I were talking about the various topics to be presented. Some of his colleagues were only interested in the sessions that catered for the more tangible BA activities, i.e. data […]

The Gentle Art of Facilitation

by Gareth Jones, Business Analysts Pty Ltd Consultant   Having been a BA for well over 10 years now, and having facilitated session in various situations, I feel that one of my strengths is facilitation. Whether this be workshops, training sessions, interviews, ‘negotiations’, I feel accomplished in most if not all of these facets. As […]