• Business Analysts

    Helping organisations to be successful with

  • Business Analysts

    Helping organisations to be successful with

About Business Analysts

For over a decade Business Analysts Pty Ltd (BAPL) has provided its world-leading expertise in business analysis to help organisations realise optimal efficiencies with technology.

Business analysts use proven methods to improve business performance. Clear, lean and correct analysis provides the foundation for business leaders to drive innovation, business agility, cost reduction, cyber security and risk control. Good business analysis allows you to deliver better products & services to your customers, often leveraging digital technology. Good business analysis truly engages and empowers stakeholder so they understand better ways of delivering value to customers.

Being successful with technology is key to business success; and good business analysis is the key to success with technology.


We love technology and we are great at making it work well.

In the delivery of our services, we have set the benchmark for a truly independent and disciplined approach to introducing and enabling change to organisations.

BAPL is an Australian owned and operated company with 50 consultants operating from offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra.

We have extensive experience throughout Australia and abroad providing business analysis services across the ASX 200, corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Our experienced team has worked for over 100 diverse organisations collectively covering industry sectors including:

  • Utilities

  • Telecommunications

  • Mining & Construction

  • Transport Logistics And Infrastructure

  • Financial Services

  • Insurance & Superannuation

  • Health & Age Care

  • Government

  • Waste Management

  • Entertainment

  • Member Associations & Not-for-profits

  • Retail

We have a proven track record evidenced by client testimonies, a wide and deep domain knowledge and varied software experience captured in our case studies. BAPL is a trusted and ethical provider: our success is encapsulated in your success.


  • Business Analyst – improving business value through technology solution design
  • Agile Business Analyst – using agile techniques to improve business solutions
  • Digital Business Analyst – designing innovative technology solutions using collaboration to ensure businesses have a competitive edge in the ever changing digital age
  • Data Business Analyst – using data to drive improved business decisions
  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Business Analyst – automating processes to improve product & service delivery by removing repetitive, non-value adding activities
  • Process Business Analyst – improving end to end customer experience
  • Technical/Business Systems Analyst – co-designing technology solutions
  • Agile Coach – improving cross functional teams performance and delivery through value driven agility
  • Product Manager Business Analyst (Scrum/Iteration manager) – managing products through iterative software development

How to make technology work

Making technology work for you is what we do. We connect both business with technology to help improve business performance.