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CoE Development Path

Be part of the community in building up the Centre of Excellence (CoE). Feel free to leave the development team a feedback on any part of the portal.

High (1), Medium (2), Low (3)
High (1), Medium (2), Low (3)
StatusResolution CommentryContact
013Automated BacklogAuto generate a backlog of improvements from feedback items sent using WPForms, into the CoE backlog table in TablePress21On BacklogSimonTim Coventry
016ProfileHow do I create a bio etc.33On BacklogSimonMike Starrs
017SubscriptionExpiry Reminders22On BacklogGareth
030CalendarsIn calendars, there are currently 3 separate calanders. Is it possible for this to be rectified into a single calander, not using the events calander requested above (item 6).32On BacklogSimonGareth Jones
040TrainingAuto Add Training Participant to Database – salesforce31On Backlog
042TrackingPage Hits Tracker. we want to be able to track people who come on to the site, non-subscribers. So we can see if the marketing is working. So who has clicked on the website. Especially off the main page. Need to be able to report also on internal usage, so who has logged on in the last month etc.11In ProgressGareth
043Role DefinitionsAgile Business Analysis; Digital Business Analysis; Data Analysis; Agile Consulting; Cyber Security; Virtual Business Analysis; Product Management; Process Analysis32On Backlog
044ChecklistEvery high-use template should have a supporting quality checklist31On Backlog
046Training CourseOnline BAF11In ProgressGareth
052LegalService Level Agreement11In ProgressGareth/Simon
055Corporate SubscriptionAdd enquiry form on from CoE Page. Make this selectable and distinguished from individual subscriber. After 15 years BAPL is proud to offer our COE to u as either an individual or on an enterprise licence

Want to subscribe as an individual

Want to enquire about an enterprise licence?
13In ProgressGarethForm for enterprise remains
058Online CoursesComplete BPMN Online Course21On BacklogGareth
059Online CoursesComplete Agile BA Online Course31On BacklogGareth
060FrameworksIdentity and Access Management31On BacklogGareth/Martin
064TechniquesMetrics and KPIs32In Progress
065TechniquesBreadth before Depth32On Backlog
066TechniquesOrganisational Modelling32On Backlog
067TechniquesStory Boarding32On BacklogShanil
068TechniquesJob Story32On BacklogShanil
069TechniquesInterviews32On Backlog
070TechniquesSurveys32On Backlog
071TechniquesObservation32On BacklogShanil
072TechniquesData Mining32On Backlog
073TechniquesFocus Group32In ProgressShanil
074TechniquesLessons Learned32In ProgressShanil
075TechniquesSimulation32On Backlog
076TechniquesPurpose Alignment Model32In ProgressShanil
077TechniquesConcept Modelling32On Backlog
078TechniquesBrain Storming32On Backlog
079TechniquesUse Cases and Scenarios32On Backlog
080SubscriptionAdd GST to Pricing (to the pricing print out)13On Backlog
082EnvironmentsSet up and reimage Development and Test environments23In ProgressSimon
083Stripe DataRemove $0 customers from Stripe payment feed11In ProgressSimonTim Coventry
084Shopping CartAdd a cart symbol for users to see the items in their cart.21On BacklogNikesh
085FrameworksCyber Security21On BacklogGareth/Martin
086OverallPlan and Build a linkage map between competencies, artefacts, performance management and professional development, and job levels to define clear development and learning pathways21On BacklogGareth
087OverallPlanning for Webinar on CoE12On BacklogGareth
088OverallRun Webinar on CoE22On BacklogGareth
089Overall30 minute demo video for Showcases.12On BacklogGareth
090Training DatabaseWhat information needs to go into Salesforce for Training enquiries/management. Inc reporting22On BacklogGareth
094AwarenessUse Cases for CoE22On backlogGareth

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