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IIBA Agile Extension Version 2 - Business Analysis

IIBA Agile Extension Version 2

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Looking to update your knowledge on the IIBA Agile Extension, or have you applied to sit the IIBA Agile Analyst Certification Exam? In here you will find the ins and outs of the IIBA Agile Extension Version 2.

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Introduction to the Agile Mindset (18:28) - Agile starts with a mindset. Take a look into what it means to think agile, before diving in to doing agile.

The Strategy Horizon (14:30) - The Strategy Horizon focuses on informing decisions regarding the organization's business goals.

The Initiative Horizon (25:30) - The Initiative Horizon focuses on informing decisions regarding solution options, features, priorities, and lifespan.

The Delivery Horizon (16:06) - The Delivery Horizon focuses on informing decisions regarding the delivery of the solution.

Backlog Refinement (20:52) - Enabling the Product Owner and key members of the rest of the team to review items on the backlog to ensure the backlog contains value added items, that are prioritized, and the highest priority items are ready for ready for delivery.

Value Streams - Lean 6 Sigma (22:40) - Value Streams represent the flow of a product or service to a customer. Lean Six Sigma focuses on the optimisation of that flow.

Kano Analysis (22:13) - Kano Modelling is an analysis tool used to explore and measure customer needs. It presents the basic needs of customers, as well as performance and excitement requirements.

Impact Mapping (25:38) - Impact mapping assists in product development and preventing teams in going off course, by clearly communicating assumptions, helping teams align their activities with the overall business objective/s. This aids in better roadmap decisions.

Minimum Viable Product (4:00) - A brief look into what the Minimum Viable Product concept is, and how it is important to product development.

Planning Workshops (16:19) - Planning Workshops are used by teams to determine and agree upon what value can be delivered over a set period of time.

Product Roadmap (11:55) - A high-level and visual summary of a products development pathway mapping out the vision and direction of the product offering over time. This can show few features or milestones in the development pathway.

Relative Estimation (11:51) - The process of estimating items, not by units of time or size separately, but rather by comparing how they are similar to each other in terms of complexity.

Value Modelling (29:39) - Value Modelling focuses a solutions development on value delivery by tracing decisions of solution delivery to the value perspective of the stakeholder/customer.

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