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Internal Certifications - Business Analysts

Internal Certifications and Courses

BA Foundations Online Course

The following course is the online version of the BAPL BA Foundations Course. This course mixes theoretical content with practical exercises to cover the breadth and depth of business analysis. This course is recognised by the IIBA and meets the 35 PDs required for certification.

BA Foundations Certification

The following quiz is used to assess your eligibility for the BA Foundations Certification. This quiz is a mixture of multiple choice as well as open ended questions. The assessor will review your answers and provide your SDM with the development opportunities required to deem you competent.

BAPL Frameworks Certification

The following exercise provides an in-depth overview of the CoE and how to apply the frameworks for your BA Planning and Estimation activities. Successful completion of this exercise will reward you with the BAPL Frameworks Certification.

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