Service Catalogue - Business Analysts

Service Catalogue

Business Analyst

Improving business value through technology solution design

Agile Business Analyst

Agile in mind set, with depth in business analysis capability. Strengthen your team, and increase the likelihood of your products' success with a BAPL Agile Business Analyst.

Digital Business Analyst

Designing innovative technology solutions using collaboration to ensure businesses have a competitive edge in the ever-changing digital age

Data Business Analyst

Improving data collection driving towards a data democracy to enable your entire organisation to drive customer centricity.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Business Analyst

Automating processes to improve product & service delivery by removing repetitive, non-value adding activities

Process Business Analyst

Improve your business operations through identifying high return process improvement opportunities, developing the most efficient processes, and utilising RPA to increase business capacity.

Technical/Business Systems Analyst

Co-designing technology solutions

Agile Coach

We help you to incorporate the agile techniques in analysis and product delivery, to enable better outcomes to be delivered early, and consistently.

Product Manager Business Analyst

(Scrum/Iteration manager) – Managing products through iterative software development

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